I am a freelance illustrator, product designer, and illustration professor at Crehana and Amerike University in Jalisco, Mexico. My illustrations are inspired by cats, nature, and small things. I love doing pet portraits to show their personality and create worlds full of hidden details.

I have worked on traditional and interactive picture books, mobile app design, branding illustration, character design for youtube channels, video game development and create commissions for individual clients. I have exhibited collectively and individually in Mexico and the US and I sell original and commissioned work.

My favorite traditional techniques are Chinese ink, watercolor, gouache, and colored pencils. For digital artwork, I use procreate and photoshop.

My work is about fantasy worlds full of details that remind you of the magic of small things.

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For jobs, inquiries about commissions or just to say hello, you can contact me at my email hola@liloo.mx or on my social networks: